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Boost your impact
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COMISK is a positive impact specialist and provides one-to-one coaching to achieve your professional goals, develop your skills and gain new behaviour.


Leaders (directors, managers, entrepreneurs) who want to reboot their intellectual, emotional and relationship strength to boost their impact and career.


  • • Choosing to trust yourself to be more authentic.
  • • Turning up yourpositive energy source to attract people and get them on board.
  • • Fine-tuning your emotional intelligence
    • to create a deep bond with yourself and others.
  • • Gagnez en intelligence relationnelle to reduce opposition, encourage engagement and boost your influence.
  • • Aligning your intentions and actions to unleash
  • • Owning your inspirational leadership presence and using your positive impact


There are 3 stages to COMISK's Impact + one-to-one coaching:

Align coaching structure (objectives, measurement indicators, duration, location) with those involved.

One-to-one sessions exploring challenging situations related to coaching objectives. New behaviour is imagined and implemented before the next session.

Debrief with those involved to review the journey based on objectives and discuss how everyone can continue this evolution in the long-term.

COMISK'sImpact + coaching model is a guide for each stage to make the initial assessment, conduct in-depth one-to-one sessions and the final report.


CLASSIC Coaching
In-depth and inspiring long-term coaching to support talents or leaders to implement change.

E.g. start a new job, boost your communication impact, become an inspirational leader, rejoin the company after burnout.

Duration: 8-10 sessions lasting 90 minutes.

ZOOM Coaching
Coaching in the ZOOM package focuses on one of the model's aspects (Presence, Confidence, Energy, Emotional Intelligence, Relationship Intelligence, Strength) based on objectives specific to the chosen aspect.

Duration: 5 sessions lasting 90 minutes.

SPOT Coaching
This operational form of coaching helps quickly solve a problem with an objective that's already been specifically targetted.

E.g. performance review, conflict mediation, public speaking.

Duration: 1-3 sessions lasting 90 minutes.

This professional development course provides the time and required distance to design an internal mobility strategy that fulfils expectations and helps you become your best ambassador.

Visualising your career path, creating your pitch and communication plan, identifying potential sponsors, building your influence and applying for jobs with peace of mind are just some of the keys to success for an impactful career path

Duration: 4-6 sessions lasting 90 minutes.

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