The key to talent engagement and retention

COMISK is a positive impact specialist and helps you design, deliver and oversee the Mentoring or Reverse Mentoring programme in your company.

In Greek mythology, Mentor is an old friend of King Ulysses and his advisor. When Ulysses leaves his kingdom for the Trojan War, he leaves Mentor in charge of his son Telemachus' education, whose decisions he guides.

Mentor now means someone with a wealth of experience in a sector who supports another less-experienced person to achieve their personal goals.

  • "70% of the 500 biggest international groups see mentoring as key to talent engagement with a 47% increase in loyalty among employees taking part in these programmes."

Mentoring objectives

Promote a common culture within the company.

Break down barriers in an organisation.

Encourage diversity.

Boost career paths.

Oversee an assumption of duties.

Advantages for Human Resources

Attract, develop and retain colleagues.

Prioritise expertise and social skills within the company.

Break down silos and create bonds between colleagues.

Develop an efficient talent management policy.

Advantages for the Mentee

Feel empowered to switch to top gear and give their plans traction.

• Take a step back from situations and broaden horizons to make the right decisions.

Develop expertise and social skills.

Expand network.

Benefit from personalised support and goodwill.

Boost confidence and motivation .

Advantages for Mentors

Showcase and share professional experience.

Build emotional and relationship intelligence (listening, empathy, communication, leadership).

• Get an overview of their career and become more open.

• Marvel at and gain from the mentee's confidence, ambition, innovation and growth.

Boost motivation.

an elixir of youth for Mentors.


COMISK provides a 4-stage mentoring programme:

Programme design: establish a steering committee, define goals, identify mentors/mentee, framework, agenda, design a mentoring guide.

Launch session: charter presentation, definition and training in mentor/mentee roles and qualities, pairing.

Progress report session.

Final session: feedback.

COMISK also provides support in marketing and communication to promote your mentoring programme to future mentors and mentees in your organisation.

Reverse Mentoring

General Electric created Reverse Mentoring in 90s America whereby digital natives shared their knowledge of digital tools with executive directors.

The advantages are the same as regular mentoring: build bridges to span intergenerational gaps, boost careers, gain skills, motivate, encourage collaboration and retain employees.

Reverse mentoring can be used as the first stage in transforming managerial culture.