Mission & Approach


Streamline communication between people to help them feel and perform better.

COMISK is a coaching, consultancy and training firm specialising in helping leaders, groups and organisations make a positive impact.


As a result of its experience in supporting international multi-sector companies, COMISK has developed a unique coaching model to develop and optimize positive impact.

This holistic approach is based on a clear, user-friendly and efficient structure with 6 aspects: :

Our Presence
How to be mindful of where I am, here and now. Having a presence within heart of the model helps connect
the 5 dimensions and enhance their impact.

Our Confidence
How to build on our strengths and successes to overcome challenges and attract opportunities.

Our Energy
How to channel our energy to keep going or recharge our batteries to inspire, stimulate and get people on board.

Our Emotional Intelligence
How to understand and manage emotions to better identify our needs.

Our Relationship Intelligence
How to get on the same page as others, manage communication and build your positive influence.

Our Strength
How to build strength of mind to clearly visualise your goals and set about achieving them.

Each aspect incorporates skills that we build on and go back to throughout COMISK's Impact +
This model is a guide to smooth the process of change in one-to-one coaching, team coaching and organisational coaching.

Make the difference

Do you want to stand out and help your teams, organisation and you make a bigger impact?