Organisational coaching

Impact +

Overcome the challenge of a successful transformation

COMISK is a positive impact specialist and provides its expertise to your organisation to smooth the process of change.


Organisations that want to reboot the impact of their system and smooth the process of departure or change to make it a positive.


  • • Bringing together key figures for change.
  •  Instilling confidence in the system to streamline co-construction.
  •   Fuelling energy to revitalise teams.
  •  Building emotional intelligence to improve consistency and serenity and better adapt to change.
  •  Improving fluid interactions by building relationship intelligence to overcome new challenges.
  •  Clarifying the vision and meaning to fuelfirepower.


There are 4 stagesto COMISK's Impact + organisational coaching:

 Align coaching structure (objectives, measurement indicators, duration, location).

  Connect with all leaders/teams involved.

 One-to-one and team sessions.


The business system is supported by a coach system made up of a team of COMISK coaches involved at several levels in the organisation.

COMISK's Impact + organisational coaching model provides common ground for any operation and helps implement a consistent and coordinated move towards making the desired change.

Make the difference

Do you want to stand out and help your teams, organisation and you make a bigger impact?